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The Santa Rosa County Democratic Black Caucus (SRCDBC) was established to build up and reinforce the Florida Democratic Party and to unite and increase the political power for Black Democrats by engaging, educating, and empowering the citizens of Santa Rosa County.  SRCDBC works to elect members to become leaders in the Florida Democratic Party and work diametrically with local and state Democratic leaders and elected officials, the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida, Democratic Executive Committees, and the Florida Democratic Party.


As a result of its work and its standing in solidarity in addressing issues that are impacting our daily lives, SRCDBC will develop solutions and strategies to address these issues.  As we lift and educate the voters of Santa Rosa County, we will in turn impact the Ballot and public policy to build a Florida that respects the rights of all Black citizens, and provides access to quality healthcare and jobs, addresses pervasive poverty, supports public employees and insures that all citizens can fully exercise their voting rights and civil liberties..


Voter intimidation is prohibited under federal law, which states that

“no person . . . shall intimidate, threaten, coerce . . . any other person

for the purpose of interfering with the right of [that] person to vote or

to vote as he may choose.” Examples of intimidation is aggressively

questioning a voter about his or her citizenship, criminal record or

other qualifications to vote; falsely presenting oneself as an elections

fficial and spreading false information about voter requirements, such

as the need to present a certain type of photo identification. Inadequate

notification of polling site changes fits this category.

Shouting and abusive language is also considered intimidation, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. If a voter is being followed and photographed or has his license plate numbers recorded, that also qualifies as intimidation, as does baseless or discriminatory challenges to one’s eligibility to vote and the brandishing of weapons in front of a voter.



How can you help? Given the status of the Voting Rights Advancement Act and the continuing instances of blatant voter suppression happening in states across America, the Democratic Party’s Voter Protection Program is one of the most important as we face the 2020 election. The election will take place without the processes in place to curb voter suppression tactics such as closing polling places, arbitrary removal of voters from voter registration lists, gerrymandering to shift districts to party advantage, and forcing voters to cast provisional ballots unnecessarily. The Voter Protection Program places trained Poll Watchers in our most vulnerable precincts to help ensure qualified voters can cast their ballots without challenge and unnecessary requirements.


The Santa Rosa County Democratic Party is seeking volunteers to be trained as Poll Watchers for early voting (Aug. 3 – Aug. 15), the August 18 Primary and the November general election. All Poll Watchers will complete the Florida Voter Protection training. In some cases Poll Watchers may monitor activities outside the precinct as well as inside to report any voter suppression activities. All safety measures related to Covid-19 will be taken in polling places.. Voter Protection volunteers work a four-hour shift and the scheduled times are flexible.  Interested in volunteering for the Voter Protection Program? email your information to or call 850-375-4366.

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