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On some of our most pressing issues Phil believes:

All Americans should receive a national standard of health care, as well as the liberty to purchase or benefit from employment-based private insurance. 

Every parent should be assured that a good public school is available for their child. Teachers should be fairly compensated for their selfless commitment to our children. College and workforce training should be accessible without crippling student debt.

Immigration reform should, among other goals, protect American workers, establish workplace compliance, maintain secure and demilitarized borders, and promote an inclusive American identity.

Gun violence is now a uniquely American danger and disgrace that must be corrected with common sense gun safety legislation In particular, we must denounce white supremacy and white nationalism. We must address wealth bias and institutional racism in our criminal justice system.

We need to guarantee Social Security and Medicare for current and future generations without privatizing these programs or raising benefit eligibility requirements. We need to explore new safety net options to reduce homelessness, especially among veterans.

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Dianne Krumel has been a lifelong resident of Pensacola, Florida.  She realized her success by building and working hard for decades to create a small business that celebrates the beauty of our environment.  She has worked tirelessly to save the beaches from commercial development and for the rights of women!

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